Who we are

Founded by renowned industry pioneer, nutritional biochemist Henry Osiecki, the story of Bio Concepts began back in 1984. Over 35 successful years later, today Bio Concepts is captained by Henry’s son, Dr Michael Osiecki (PhD, BE(Chemical), BBiotech(Hons)), Managing Director. Together, we’re a health-conscious collective of dedicated, passionate and innovative leaders in our fields. Our mission is to create a healthier future by delivering highly effective nutritional supplements.

Under our brand Orthoplex, we produce a range of the highest quality nutritional supplements that can only be dispensed after a consultation with an accredited Clinical Practitioner. We scour the globe to source only the best, clinically researched, innovative ingredients that work, which enable practitioners to achieve meaningful results for patients.

As one of few fully Australian owned and operated nutritional supplement companies remaining, we live and breathe our family-owned business values while setting the standard for quality, innovation and industry evolution.

What's in a name

The name Orthoplex is a play on “orthomolecular medicine”. In Greek, ‘ortho’ means correct while ‘plex’ represents a collection or grouping. So the name Orthoplex stands for the correct combination of ingredients at the correct dosage!

What we stand for

Everything we do is underpinned by our core values. These epitomise our ethos, forming the authentic essence of Orthoplex since our inception. Our code will never be compromised – because we don’t settle for anything less than the best.

As a patient, we know that you’re making an investment in your health – physically, emotionally, financially and with your time – so you want to be sure that you’re using products for an effective outcome! At Orthoplex, we’re aligned with your needs and goals and are here to help you achieve them.

You want to know exactly what’s in the formula you’re taking, down to the most minute details – and we believe it’s your right to know. That’s why we openly disclose every excipient, every time, so you, alongside your practitioner, can decide whether the ingredients are suitable for you.
Alongside excipient disclosure, we review and monitor the entire quality process from source to shelf. Traceability, sustainability and ethical conduct are also vital components of the integrity equation and these factors are thoroughly checked before any product lands in your hands. Like you, we care about working towards a better tomorrow.
We source our ingredients from around the world to get the latest and greatest quality nutrients that meet our high standards. We will not rush to introduce a new product if we can’t get it exactly right. ‘Near enough’ is never good enough for an Orthoplex product!

Our products are independently tested by some of the best testing centres in the world, as part of out commitment to quality and for your peace of mind.
From day one, we’ve been passionate about educating and empowering health professionals, and today, we’re renowned as leading industry educators. We pride ourselves on making sure the practitioners you see have the best education possible, providing them with the resources to stay up to date on the most recent research and latest learnings on patient conditions and treatments.
We care about making the most clinically relevant formulations that address the problems patients face. That’s why we develop cutting-edge products based on the latest ingredients at the forefront of research. Our formulations are constantly reviewed to ensure they reflect the most up-to-date scientific literature so that you can be sure you’re getting the best treatment possible.
We are always in the pursuit of excellence across all areas of our business, because at the end of the day, what we care about the most is helping patients achieve meaningful results and effective outcomes to create a healthier future.

Meet the team

Dr Michael Osiecki

Managing Director

Our Managing Director, Dr Michael Osiecki, is the second generation of Bio Concepts’ visionaries. Following in the footsteps of his father and Bio Concepts founder, Henry, Dr Michael has been involved with the company his entire life. He had a long apprenticeship in the business as a young boy – packing shelves in the warehouse, interning at the manufacturing laboratory and even creating his first product when he was at still at university!
With undergraduate and postgraduate studies in chemical engineering and biotechnology under his belt, Dr Michael also has his PhD in the field of stem cell biology and biological engineering. The research he’s conducted makes our mind boggle!
Today, his combined passion for biochemistry, education and the complementary medicine industry makes him a natural leader in the practitioner supplement space. Providing a progressive perspective, Dr Michael has travelled around Australia and internationally, speaking on different conditions and treatments. He loves to dive into data, investigating and identifying insights from the most recent research to apply to the clinic and beyond. Dr Michael is a vocal advocate for the continual evolution of the industry to enhance patient outcomes.

Henry Osiecki